9 Black Travel Bloggers to Follow 

Traveling well includes taking the time to listen to a wide range of voices. We fully understand that travel blogging has been whitewashed and over-processed. If we don’t often identify with the content from the travel community, we can imagine how frustrating it would be for a person of color to see themselves in the travel community. During what we hope is a revolution in global thought and behavior towards abolishing inequality and injustice, we want to highlight and amplify the voices of refreshing travel content creators who are inspiring us. 

Onieka the Traveller

In a field largely absent of women, and of black women, by leaps and bounds, I was so excited to see that Onieka delightfully won a gold medal award for the 2018 “Best Travel Blog” Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism Competition put on by the Society of American Travel Writers. She’s been to more than 115 countries, is fluent in three languages, and is a new mom. Oneika “is a travel expert and host of the Travel Channel’s digital series ‘Big City, Little Budget’ and ‘One Bag and You’re Out.’ She’s also the voice of Oneika the Traveller, a blog dedicated to inspiring women as well as people of color to see the world” (travelchannel.com). TrekSimple is all about traveling with one bag, and especially about traveling on a budget–these videos are a must-watch! Read her recent posts on defining white privilege (using everyday examples) and ways to be a better ally to black people. This is going to be a common theme throughout this post but I love her IG photography; it’s hugely fun. Her Instagram: @oneikatraveller


Sojourner White is a Fulbright winner, traveling social worker, travel/education writer, and consultant who says “Don’t let school or a career stop you from embarking on travel experiences that will be sure to change your life.” I wish I’d heard her advice decades ago. Check out her IG post on travel privilege, and an incredible blog post on Being Black in Europe: As Told By Black Americans Her Instagram: @thesoujournies

Alicia Tenise

From the DC area, Alicia takes on travel, life/style, and wine (perfect trifecta!), with lovely, vivid photography as an added bonus. Her recent IG stories have been emotional, perspective-inducing accounts I really needed to hear. She’s been inspiring me to be bolder, be an expert at pivoting your content to current events, and to just take the wine class already if you’ve been wanting to take the wine class! Her Instagram: @aliciatenise

Outdoorsy Diva™

Lauren is a Hiker, adventure podcaster, travel writer, blogger, healthcare informaticist, and single mom who lives in Tampa, Florida. She’s all about inspiring women, especially women of color, to travel more and to do it on their own. I’m feeling really at home on her Instagram, with her Rumi quotes and her photos from brilliant blue Three Sisters Springs, which is located in the small Florida town of Crystal River where the TrekSimple gals grew up. Her Instagram: @outdoorsydiva

The Urban Realist

Gorgeous travel, lifestyle, style, home, and beauty content, with a lean towards big city culture and style (Danasia has lived in Philly, Brookly, Miami, and is currently based in Atlanta). I didn’t know how much I needed her calming, natural IG aesthetic (with pops of color), polished travel photography, and pictures of her cute dog, too. I’ve been super inspired by her “UR Cultured” content and by all the places I never found in the places we’ve both been. Her Instagram: @theurbanrealist

Black and Abroad

Eric and Kent’s manifesto is “Explore, Embrace, and Empower.” They offer a wide range of services and content from weareblackandabroad.com and their associated socials. From flipping the script with their “Go Back to Africa” project, to small-group tour packages, to internships, they’re focused on increasing representation and exposure. Their scope and reach is energizing. The Instagram: @blackandabroad

87 Pages

Star is a travel, lifestyle, and beauty writer–and YouTuber–based in Texas. She’s been to 26 countries and has lived abroad in Germany and South Korea. Most active on Instagram, this fellow avid reader has been expanding my summer reading list and inspiring me to find my unabashed, unique voice on social media. Read her incredible recent Instagram post with a long list of positive effects of the recent protests. Her Instagram: @87pages

Curvy Girl Travel

Kenisha is a professional photographer in LA and it shows. Her Marrakech blogs confirm my need to go there right now. Check out her recent IG posts and stories for black-owned shopping opportunities (art, housewares, soap, beauty, jewelry, clothing, you name it), as well as her personal photography website; she has new protest photography up for sale! Her Instagram: @curvygirltravels

Roni the Travel Guru

Roni is a multilingual travel expert who has been doing this for more than 20 years. In addition to fantastic content, she offers her consulting services. Check out her post on Stop Ignoring the Black Influencer, as well as her travel shop (she’s also been busy sewing masks). Her Instagram: @ronithetravelguru

We’re not even scratching the surface with these nine, so start your own Google searches. The newly-formed blacktravelalliance is a good place to start. Please let us know who we missed in the comments below!

Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, Florida

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